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Badin Estate

Some of the best and most famous Italian wines worldwide are produced in the Valpolicella area, located in the north-western part of the province of Verona, on the east-side of the Adige river and south of the Lessini mountains. Meeting point between the warm air coming from Lake Garda and the cold winds descending from the mountains, its microclimate allows a perfect drying of the grapes. This process gives birth to some full-bodied wines rich of texture, such as the Classic Valpolicella, the Superior Valpolicella, the Ripasso and the Amarone. The Badin estate is located in the Classic Valpolicella area, in the village of Marano, one of its most beautiful corners.

Here the Bixio family runs directly three hectares of vineyard, devoting himself with passion and love to this beautiful land surrounded by a breathtaking landscape of vineyards, cherry trees and lush vegetation. A magical atmosphere embraces everything, like an impressionist painting, and each season brings its colors, raising unique emotions. The wine cellar is a stone building dating back to the 15th century. In the fruit room, with thick walls in a controlled atmosphere, the best grapes (all handpicked) are dried in wooden boxes.

But it’s in the basement of the building, surrounded by an antique and fascinating atmosphere, that the wines are aged in oak barrels and barriques, being enriched with bouquets and notes and consolidating their texture. The final aging in bottle, reaching full maturity, takes place in the Chamber of Treasures.

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