Bixio has always been synonymous with Soave, over the years it has also evolved and extended to the area of the Arcole, and now it turns its gaze towards the south, in a region still little known, Molise.

In 2016, driven by the desire to diversify our wine production rooted in Veneto and to face a new challenge, we purchased about ten hectares in Molise, a small region of central-southern Italy with great potential for the production of quality wines. We have elected Petacciato, a small town in an enchanting position between sky and sea, as the site of our Molise productions.

This year, for the first time, we have presented the wines of this area where sun, unique soils and the sea are the perfect premises for rich and fragrant wines.

This estate represents the commitment to always our courage, to be active witnesses of a world - the wine-producing world - that never ceases to be passionate. We have solid roots and eyes always on the horizon.


Taste our monthly wine: PETACIATO OSCO ROSATO (link da applicare al vino: http://www.bixiopoderi.it/molise/eng/rosato-osco.php)

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