A family story, a vineyard story

It dates back to 1866, when Lieutenant Nino Bixio from Genoa - Giuseppe Garibaldi's right arm - during his stay in the Verona area for the battle of Custoza (24 June 1866) lived a love story with a local noblewoman.

Alfonso, born of this relationship, inherited some lands in the Soave area and since then, for five generations now, the heirs of the family have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of vines.

Premiazione Medaglia d'oro douja d0or 1983 Ottavio Bixio
Vinitaly 1980

Thanks to the experience of Nonno Ottavio, the family winemaking tradition has been handed down with love and passion to his children.
Vini Bixio with the professional ability of the eldest son, Emilio Bixio, together with the commitment of all the members of our family, has reached levels of excellence in the Italian and international wine scene.

In recent years it has been our will to invest in the direct management of the vineyards, located in some of the best known and most appreciated oenological realities in the province of Verona, with the aim of testing and refining the best techniques in vine cultivation to obtain an excellent raw material.

We combine tradition with the most advanced production technologies in order to improve the authenticity of our wines, so that we can offer the highest standards, always following the rule of an excellent quality/price ratio.

From the vine to the bottle, each production and transformation process is followed with the utmost care with the aim of offering excellent products, an expression of the good that our land gives us with the help of the skilled hand of man.

Good tasting!

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