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THE AREA AND SOIL The area is triangle-shaped. It is located in the south-eastern part of the Verona province and the south western part of the Vicenza one. The soil, which amounts to 300 SqKm, is uniformely flat in its south-western part as floodplain usually are. The flat parts dedicated to vine growing are the sandyclayey ones, whereas the hilly areas are constituted by soils of various types, from the red and very clayey one to the white limestone one.

GEOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS The morfology of the Arcole DOC is one generated by the erosion and sedimentation phenomena of the Adige river. The soil is composed mainly of sand deposits and gritty ones. Locally, the sandy deposits may contain variable percentages of limestone.

THE CLIMATE The Area of the Arcole DOC has a relatively homogeneous continental climate with very hot sticky summers and hard foggy winters. The warmest temperatures are registered between the second half of July and the first of August; the coldest ones between the first and the third decades of January. The yearly thermal excursion is fairly elevated while the rainfall is contained, even though well distributed over the year.

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