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Historical vineyards in soave

Cru bassanella:
The Soave area has always been considered, probably because of its volcanic soil, home to a "typical and excellent wine", very well-known in Italy and worldwide. Here in 1911 the first Consortium was founded against the phylloxera (vine lice) and here in 1929 the first “Grape Festival” in Italy was organized. This area, which is located in the eastern foothills of the Alps, 10-25 km eastern of Verona, was among the first to receive the DOC recognition (Controlled Denomination of Origin) in 1968. Right in the heart of this land, that is called the "Classic Soave" area, our farmstead “Bassanella” is located.

The Bixio family has decided to dedicate this beautiful piece of land, where the vineyards are a fundamental part of the territory and a magical atmosphere permeates everything, to the history of the place. The Cru in fact climbs the hills in front of the Soave Castle, up to the tiny chapel of Madonna of Bassanella. The small church dates back to the 11th century when, after a miraculous apparition of the Virgin Mary, the inhabitants of Soave erected a statue in her honor. The land has a clay loam surface and is clay in depth; the climate in this area is mild and temperate, winters are not too cold and summers are not excessively hot.
Thanks to these conditions, combined with the love of the family for this little piece of land, the very first owned by them, the vines give us every year a DOC Classic Soave and a DOCG Recioto from Soave of the highest quality.

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