The wines of our Arcole winery

DenxoVeneto IGT

Grapes Variety
70% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% “winemaker's secret” from the estate’s own vineyards.

Viticultural details
The vineyards are located in the small village Desmontà in the south-east part of Verona. The are is flat with sandy-clayey soil. The climate is continental: muggy and hot during summers and cold and foggy winters. These characteristics, so similar to those in the area of Bordeaux, have meant that the international varieties of grape have found the ideal development.

Vinification and maturation
Only the best bunches are selected, after a careful evaluation of the ripeness and health, for the drying process which lasts 45/50 days in a controlled environment. After fermentation, aging for 1 year in French oak tonneaux and other 1 year in American oak tonneaux. Settlement in steel tank before bottling and refining in bottles. Natural sugar content of about 10 g/L.

Around 15,5 % vol.


Colour: intense purple color near to dark, concentrated but bright.
Nose: complex and deep with notes of mature red fruits like plum, blackberry, cherry. Hints of licorice, toasted wood and tobacco.
Flavour: Voluptuous, rich, round and dense.


Perfect by itself as a meditation wine. Excellent with seasoned and spicy cheeses with mustard and meat stews.

Serve at: 18°-20°C (64-68°F). Use large, high-quality crystal glasses

Other versions


1.000 Bottles 0,75lt
10 Bottles 1,5lt
5 Bottles 3lt
2 Bottles 5lt
2 Bottles 9lt
2 Bottles 12lt

Bottled on
April 1 2011

3.000 Bottles 0,75lt
40 Bottles 1,5lt
6 Bottles 3 lt
3 Bottles 12 lt

Bottled on
July 31 2012

3.725 Bottles 0,75lt
20 Bottles 1,5lt
5 Bottles 3lt
2 Bottles 12lt

Bottled on
June 26 2016

2.850 Bottles 0,75lt
765 Bottles 0,5lt

Bottled on
April 14 2021
Limited Edition

570 Bottles 0,75lt

Bottled on
April 14 2021