Last few months have been very intense and interesting for me thanks to the numerous wine tours I have been involved in. I would like to share with you my experience and a few impressions for each fascinating market I had the pleasure to visit. Let’s discover the Asian markets I visited last autumn.

South Korea
End of September

An interesting market, generally ripe for wine, especially the French one, but also growing for Italian wine.
I had the impression that the importers are still divided between large groups that serve large-scale distribution and new and small ones who passionately seek out and promote lesser-known typical products. Unfortunately, the biggest share is still made by the big brands and therefore we should still have patience to see something in the beautiful specialist shops beyond the more well-known names.
My most appreciated wine for quality / price: Corvina igt Veronese.
Teaching: The operators are very enthusiastic at the moment, but at a distance they are very difficult. How to do? I'm still wondering...

Vietnam - Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh
Beginning of October

A market to be discovered, but vibrant. Vietnam surprised me because it is completely different: turning the streets is tangible the cultural difference and customs, life is lived literally on the street and how wine is inserted in this is still a mystery. But at the events, both cities presented operators - mostly importers - who know their stuff. They are related to the well known denominations but they are also much more open to try new things, unusual like my Nero D’Arcole DenXo.
Teaching: I am sure that here being pioneers will pay - but you need to be persevering. Definitely I will come back.

Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair
Beginning of November

In Hong Kong we are regular visitors and exhibitors at the fair: this year a little under the circumstances for the current situation. For me it was still a good experience in which I consolidated pre-existing relationships and despite everything I made new and interesting contacts that I hope I will concretize in orders.

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