It’s spring time for our Pinot Grigio!

It’s spring time for our Pinot Grigio!

It’s almost spring time. And that’s the moment, since ever, when our family has always bottled the new white wines. This year as well, despite the virus, despite a slow-motion life, it’s time for our Pinot Grigio to enter in the bottle. We are a bit late, but for the first time since a lot of time we are not in a hurry. Pinot Grigio is a red berried grape, the skin is blue-gray when it ripe, while the bunch is small, compact and very delicate. In fact, this grape is among the first to be harvested, usually in the second decade of August: while there are those who enjoy the sea... Pinot Grigio is harvested here. A mechanical harvest is done to ensure that the bunches arrive as quickly as possible in the cellar for pressing, so that fermentation is controlled to obtain the maximum bouquet that this delicate grape can give. The most important characteristic for a Pinot Grigio is one and essential: PLEASURE. Easy to drink, this wine is the ideal companion on many occasions from aperitifs to pasta dishes, fish or light meats pairings.

The three souls of Pinot Grigio 

Our Pinot Grigio suggestions embrace two Italian wine regions: Veneto and Molise. They are three different and unique souls. 

Pinot Grigio Terre degli Osci Igt

The vineyard, where this grape grows, benefit from the proximity to the sea in the Termoli countryside, in the southern part of Italy. The grapes feed and mature in a clayey mixed terroir and give a wine with beautiful fruity notes, savory and drinkable.
Our 2018 vintage was awarded the gold medal by the guide Gilbert & Gaillard with a score of 88.


Pinot Grigio Doc Delle Venezie

This is our historic proposal for Pinot Grigio, our “home” Pinot Grigio. The vineyard is next to the cellar, the soil is mixed, tending to sandy. More delicate than the Pinot from Molise, both on the nose and in the mouth, with some floral notes, a good acidity while remaining well balanced and very pleasant.


Pinot Grigio Arcole Doc

Arcole is one of the youngest appellation in the province of Verona, a lowland production area in the south-eastern part of the province. The soil is silt - sandy, due to its proximity to the Adige river. This wine is more intense and slightly more structured than the other two, characterized by a beautiful minerality and a persistent fruit that is much more enveloping both in the nose and in the mouth. 

The intensity is due to the fact that the production per hectare is much more limited (130 tons / hectare) and our annual production is around 6,000 bottles.



Pinot Grigio has always been a very important wine for our production. We have travelled around the world with this wine. Now it’s time for bringing the spring mood also to your homes around the world and some pleasure moment drinking a glass of wine!


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