A revolution in the name of territory and authenticity for Bixio Poderi

A revolution in the name of territory and authenticity for Bixio Poderi

The 5th generation currently active in the company has decided to give a strong impulse to the productions most strongly linked to three main territories of viticulture: Soave Classico, Arcole DOC and Molise

Great renovation for Tenute Bixio, one of the historical brands of Veronese winemaking. The 5th generation, today in the charge of Elisa Bixio at the management of the company, has decided to invest more in productions strongly linked to three important denominations: Soave Classico, Arcole DOC and Molise.
"With renewed commitment and great stubbornness I try to bring Bixio Poderi into this new life cycle, trying to enhance our most important productions, linked to Arcole DOC, a unique territory with a high vocation to the south of the province of Verona" says Elisa Bixio, who adds "a land that gives sincere fruits from which we obtain wines of great structure, with enveloping and full bodies. For two years in a row our Denxo has led us to obtain high scores to show that a generous territory and a passionate work of great technical ability can give unique products of their kind”  Today Tenuta Desmontà is certainly the winery that has invested the most in the Arcole doc and, especially through its Nero d’Arcole, has been showing for some years which qualitative vertices this type of wine can achieve.
But also great commitment on the front of Soave Classico: “In particular - explains Elisa Bixio - enhancing the values of a historic cru like the Bassanella. A cru that has values both in terms of viticultural vocation but also in terms of history, culture and landscape”.
Another great challenge of Bixio Poderi is a territory further south in Italy “our story started in Soave, it evolved in Arcole and now turns its gaze towards the South, in a region still little known, Molise. This year, for the first time, we presented the wines of this territory where the sun, unique soils and the sea conquer with rich and fragrant wines” explains Elisa Bixio. Forty years after the beginning of this professional activity, the commitment is to always seek new incentives, to be active witness of a world - the wine world - that never ceases to excite.
Elisa Bixio concludes "Stop on our roots, but with our eyes always on the horizon”.


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