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The history of the bixio family begins in Soave, a small village near Verona.

A high rank military from Genoa, named Nino Bixio, was fighting at the time alongside Garibaldi in the battle of Custoza, near Verona, on 24th June.1866 After the glorious battle he met and entertained a relationship with a local noble women that gave him a child, named Alfonso who later managed to acquire some vineyards in the area that today is the classic-area of Soave allowing four generations to cultivate that very same piece of land. This is why, the Bixio family has gained considerable experience in the local winegrowing traditions.

Today, the Azienda Agricola Bixio is a modern reality in the wine landscape who not only embraces and promotes the traditional products of the area, but also uses the latest technology to guarantee high standards in quality control.

Bixio Produttori

Premiazione Medaglia d'oro douja d0or 1983 Ottavio Bixio

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