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What is the Appassimento for the wine

Making wine from dried grapes is an ancient process dating back at least 3000 years. It was quite common in the ancient world, especially in the warmer southern Mediterranean wine-growing areas of Palestine, Egypt, Italy and Greek islands. Most of these wines and their descendants today like Amarone della Valpolicella, Recioto and Vin Santo were made through a drying process (appassimento) that usually involved spreading grapes on reed or straw mats under the sun (or hanging them in nets) for an extended period (usually from September to January) before crushing and fermentation. And now ? Enjoy the video :-)

"RINERO" IGT Veneto red wine.
Our great RIPASSO di Merlot !

The Rinero finds its inspiration from the Bordeaux blend wines and an ancient tradition of Verona: the "Ripasso" method of the wine on the skins of another wine, in this case of the Nero d'Arcole Doc, who made drying.
This second fermentation allows the wine to be enriched further in perfumes and structure, creating an extremely elegant and award-winning wine. Enjoy the taste :-)

Nero d'Arcole Doc "Desmontà"

Let's start with the new vintage 2014 of Nero d'Arcole Doc "Desmontà".
A great red wine with power and structure ! Enjoy :-)

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