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Pro ChicSpumante Brut

Grapes Variety
100% Garganega

Viticultural details
Traditional Trainig siystem on typical calcareous soils at 250 meters above sea level. With south-westerly exposure. Age of the vines 15/20 years.

Vinification and maturation
The first stage is to obtain a good base wine, following traditional vinification procedures for making white wine. The grapes are usually harvested just before they are completely ripe, so they have the most fragrant aromas possible and good acidity which will give the wine freshness and longevity. After, the base wine, with added sugar and selected yeasts, is placed in stainless steel pressurized tanks. After around 10-15 days the “prise de mousse” has taken place.

Around 11% vol.


Colour: is pale yellow with green reflections, the Perlage is fine and persistent.
Bouquet: is delicate and floreal, reminiscent of the flowers of Acacia and Mimosa; perceptible even fruity Peach and Almond notes. The mouth is dry, smooth and remarkably fresh.


Serving suggestions: Enjoy as an appetizer or with seafood, shellfish and light white meats as well pasta or rice dishes with vegetable sauces.

Serve at: 6-8° C. (44-48° F.)

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